What’s Up

The Land
Town of Carrboro owns 8.7 acres at Fidelity & Davie: the 3.2 acres of the existing graves along Davie, plus 2.9 acres of meadow, plus 2.6 acres of woods by doctor’s office.

The Graves
There are 2214 plots along Davie; of these 2019 had been sold through September 2021. At current rate the 195 remaining plots will be sold by September 2024.

The Threat
Without any public notification or discussion in November 2020, our Public Works department proposed filling up the meadow with 1762 more graves and several cemetery structures.

The Solution
If the Town decides to stay in the cemetery business (which Chapel Hill largely left in 2016) then for only $90,000 (couch cushion petty cash) the Town could launch a new cemetery by buying 3 beautiful acres in a scenic rural setting only 6 minutes away on Damascus Church Road. This would preserve our meadow as a natural green space in the middle of Carrboro’s most densely populated area. It would retain its potential for hosting some low key quiet park improvements.