What You Can Say

Your time will be limited, to at most 3 minutes.  To be succinct, write out your remarks.  This hearing will receive comments on the second draft of the wide-ranging Carrboro Connects comprehensive plan for all of Carrboro.  If many have already spoken in favor of a Fidelity park then try to finish in a minute or two.  Start with your name, where you live, and a little bit about yourself. You can reinforce your spoken comments as indicated here.

Urgent:  tightening up plot sales
Since this cemetery will run out of plots in less than 3 years the most urgent matter is to encourage the Council to tighten the rules to limit sales to only the Carrboro residents with the most seniority, so as to avoid putting any graves on the other side of the driveway.  Avoiding the permanent loss of some of this land can be avoided if they soon buy land to start a new cemetery!  Solutions

Quoting Comprehensive Plan
This draft of the comprehensive plan states principles that support preserving the Fidelity open space.  We should quote these principles and insist they be applied to our neighborhood.  The draft also raises the question of whether this land should be used for the cemetery or for a park, and it places this tract near the center of its “Very High Priority Area” for a new park.  Plan passages

Your Current Usage
Please note how much you are currently enjoying this open space as-is, and/or say you would use it more if it weren’t for the obnoxious signs posted around it.  You could also say how a few improvements such as picnic tables and a nature trail would increase usage in a low key fashion.

Equitable Walkable Access to Green Spaces
This draft makes a big deal of equitable (and walkable) access to natural spaces.  Please note how far away from the 3 big Carrboro parks you are.  It’s notable if you don’t own a car or if you can’t drive. Equity

Community Building & Your Park Ideas
Picnic tables and a platform for yoga would facilitate quiet group activities.  Screening trees could be planted along the cemetery drive to separate these activities from cemetery activities. Although our foremost current goal is to maximize the flexibility for future uses of this land by stopping the planned cemetery expansion, it is not too early for you to mention your ideas for how this land could be preserved or modestly improved to convert it to a low key adult-oriented quiet neighborhood park.  Park ideas

————— Continued Below! —————

Avoiding worsening our urban heat island
The pavement and structures from Town Hall and the gym down to 400 Davie Road have created the worst urban heat island area in a Carrboro residential area.  On August 14 the surface temperature of a tombstone after midnight was 96 degrees.  This natural space cools and cleans our air.  The draft plan says the Town will protect maginalized and vulnerable populations from the effects of global warming.  UHI Page

No obligation to host another cemetery
Since 1989 Town Hall has considered using the Fidelity open space for the post office, the library, the public works maintenance yard, and affordable housing.  Those officials have always regarded this tract as their private piggy land bank from which they can make whatever expenditures they desire, and without any notification to our neighborhood.  In 2016 they rammed the Google shed down our throats without prior notification and in 2020 we learned about this planned cemetery expansion only by accident.  Given this history they need to explain why our neighborhood would be under any obligation to host what would be essentially a new cemetery produced by consuming our meadow.  Any new cemetery facility could be located in the 55 acre Anderson Park, which has no neighboring town residents.  History

This park is long overdue
Our blocks had reached their current densities by 1985. This was before Anderson Park opened and long before MLK park was dreamed of. It’s a sign of how much Town Hall disregards multifamily residents when providing parks! Historically we’ve been “red-lined” out of parks, which have always been provided only to the mini-van people with boys in Little League.

Avoiding cemetery digressions
Let’s not expend our valuable face time on discussing cemetery ideas;  those are not our issues!  The Town can easily afford to buy more land elsewhere.  Once more land is bought the people who are into cemetery stuff can hold their debates.

Complaints about lack of consideration from Town Hall
Notes from the 2016 Google shed fight:  When we complained about the lack of advance notice, one planning official said that the Town’s rules for notifications from private developers do not apply to the Town staff.  At the end of the fight one council member promised us that they would do better “next time”.  But in 2020 we learned about the expansion plan only by accident, from talking with a bulldozer operator!  Arrogance