How to Save Meadow

We Need to Speak for a Park Now, on November 16
Multifamily housing people south of Main Street have been shortchanged by the Town forever and this will continue if we don’t speak up: the culture that multifamily dwellers are subhuman is deeply embedded in Town Hall. Since most folks in our neighborhood are super busy and are here for only a few years they tend not to vote or participate in public hearings. Equity

Carrboro Connects process provides an opening
This has been a year-long “la-dee-dah” conceptual-dream community discussion that you may have barely heard of. Experts say the Town Council often ignores the aspirations these things produce. Fortunately one of the ten overarching Visions in its first draft states “All people in Carrboro … will have … equitable access to recreational … opportunities, including … parks, [and] green space … .” Currently all 3 large green parks in Carrboro are inequitably located on the single family home side of town. The second draft of their report will be issued on November 12.

Town Council Hearing Tuesday Evening on Second Draft
We need to have as many Fidelity-Davie residents speak at this hearing as possible. Here the Town Council will receive feedback on the recommendations on the second draft of the Carrboro Connects 20 year Comprehensive Plan. Please check out What Say for some ideas on what you can say. If you can’t speak on the 16th please see Can’t Speak?.

Tuesday Evening November 16 Details
This council Zoom meeting will start at 7:00pm and should be largely devoted to the Carrboro Connects comprehensive plan hearing. The hearing is scheduled to start 7:45, but it might start as early as 7:25. It is predicted to last until 8:45, but it could possibly last longer than that. You will have 3 minutes. Additional details are here. Also, here’s the agenda for this meeting.

In advance of the meeting please write to 

to get the zoom link. Doing so will place your name on the Clerk’s speakers list that she and Mayor will refer to during the hearing.

You can call into the meeting by phone close to 7:00pm at:

(301) 715-8592

If you have any other questions about participating please write to .

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