Park Ideas

First things first …
It’s premature to debate whether this Fidelity tract should remain a permanent open/natural/green space or become some kind of park.  First we need to persuade the Council to tighten the plot sales rules to buy some time for the second step:  Acquiring land for a new cemetery.  Only after the Town has done what it can do to provide a graceful and respectful winding down of this cemetery for the remaining long time local families who still prefer traditional burials will it be appropriate to engage in detailed planning for this land.

Common Sense
Just about anyone who has read the principles in Carrboro Connects’ draft comprehensive plan will agree that this centrally located gem of a tract is far too valuable to be eternally locked into doubling the present graveyard.  At this point this is the only thing we need to agree upon.

Motivations from dreams
But it’s not premature for each of us to each mention our early ideas on what could eventually be done with this beautiful tract.  These visions can help motivate our council members to preserve it as an open tract for now.  It would be advantageous to propose structures and activities that would be compatible with being next to a cemetery, perhaps after screening trees have been planted on top of a berm along the driveway.  After I came up with some ideas for placing a low key quiet park here my landscaper friend Chris Brown produced a sketch in May 2016.  It shows a nature trail, a jogging trail, a platform for yoga, and some picnic tables.  (At that time we were arguing that the Google shed would take away the least-worst location for a mini-parking lot for a future park.)

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