Contact Me/Us

This site has just been created by Bob Proctor in early November 2021. On November 11-14 I am in the process of passing out green flyers up and down Fidelity & Davie. As of Saturday afternoon I have talked to maybe 30 people, of which maybe 5 or 6 sounded serious enough about getting engaged to do so beyond Tuesday’s hearing. The url on the flyers I passed out Thursday thru Saturday had the wrong url for this website, but the posted version has been fixed.

Sharing Flyer! It’s mounted on the Info page; please email it to potential allies. There is also an Event for Tuesday evening at the Facebook page associated to this site; just click on the little Facebook icon.

Flash picnics on Fidelity? If a good day is coming up (without any funerals scheduled) maybe several of us could gather under the pine trees near the woods out of sight of the cemetery for a quiet meeting, to see where we go after the Tuesday hearing.

I’d like to form a core group and I could use your help! Since our neighbors have short time horizons here, it’s challenging to get folks to speak up. If you can pitch in a little bit with social media or flyers, please write to me at the address below. On Facebook the avatar for this effort is Carr B. Green, so please “friend” that guy. (The pseudonyms will be helpful for me to give access to allies to use these accounts directly.)

I am a semi-retired UNC math professor, and I have lived in Village Square (behind the doctor’s office) since 1987.

It’s good to call my land line at area 919, exchange 929, last four digits 9021. Please say your name twice and your number twice since its answering machine is crummy.

You can email me at; I will try to check this inbox regularly when things are a-hopp’n with this project.